There are ways to harness the power of visualisation to make your dreams a reality. A developed and strong imagination strengthens your creative abilities and is an essential tool for creating your dream life; healing mind, body and soul and connecting to your heart.

  1. WRITE & CREATE YOUR VISION – Before you begin your visualisation, think about it and write it down. Imagine yourself as the lead character in an exciting, colourful, magical, fulfilling story, detailing exactly what you’d like to manifest. Clarity in who you are & what you want to achieve & contribute comes from allowing your heart to pour onto paper, then use your imagination to bring it to life.
  2. WRITE AFFIRMATIONS – Base these on what you feel you need to improve on, and be specific. Who do you want to be? How do you wish to think? How can you contribute to the world? What type of partner do you wish to attract? Re-wire your brain to think positive, empowering & motivating thoughts by saying these before or during every visualisation. They form a solid foundation to maximise your imagination’s power. Write in the present tense as if they are already happening eg, “I am truly guided by my intuition and always know what to do.”
  3. 12884524_10154667113654377_1354390343_nSENSE YOUR SENSES – Imagine everything through your eyes, rather than watching yourself in a movie. This gives you the feeling of being in that picture; able to see through your eyes, in tune with your emotions, smelling the fresh air and really getting a sense of that place. Training your imagination like this gives you the ability to combine all the senses, strengthening and deepening your connection with your visualisation practice.
  4. DRAW IN COLOUR – A while ago I drew the picture illustrating this post based on a Ted Talk I watched by Patti Doborowolski on drawing your future. Now it may seem a bit dramatic to have made my current life look so bleak & lifeless but the stark comparison of your life now compared to the one you imagine does create a surprising surge in motivation. Getting those creative juices flowing is an important factor in creating success in any area of our life, and drawing is fun, easy to do and another way for visualisation to activate your imagination.

  1. 5. THE ART OF REPETITION – Once you imagine the same picture over and over again, much like strengthening your muscles at the gym, you strengthen your imagination and it starts to feel more and more possible. Visualising the same image not only heightens your personal experience of that image, but you master your mind, allow negative thoughts to drop away and step into your creative power to manifest your future.




Abi Fox is one of the organisers of Healing Ibiza and is a coach, soul empowerment mentor and founder of Love Your Power Within. She awakened to her authentic self & higher purpose at the seminar “Turning Point”. That day she knew her calling was to transform the lives of others and committed to endless self-development to be the mentor she is today.

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