Your ever expanding conscious Ibiza portal is a resource to navigate the island´s spiritual delights and more ethical and healthy endeavors. It’s also a platform to blog or video blog about your own healing experiences and tap into the words of the island’s many teachers and practitioners.

Fast growing resources include Ibiza’s only conscious event calendar, a conscious directory, and conscious shop, tried and tested reviews of healing sessions, workshops, events and restaurants plus invaluable interviews and insights from the island’s many experts. The Right Vibes blog charts the reality of keeping your spirits high when dealing with life’s challenges, through connecting with nature, writing in a journal and meditation.

Wherever you are on your journey to wellness, personal development or spiritual growth, you’ll find inspiration, information and pointers to a more conscious existence. It’s a place for your awareness to grow, for places to go & people to see in Ibiza. It’s about finding the natural highs instead of the pharmaceutical ones, lessons learned, struggles shared and triumphs aired. It´s a place to share your experiences and inspire those going through their own awakenings.

We like to keep it real and present information in a way we all understand. We don’t pretend to lead problem free lives but we do believe in love and light. It´s about healing from the past and moving out of the lower vibrations of fear, worry and doubt to raise your frequency, live your dreams and get high on life.  So join us as we dip into Ibiza’s incredible energy, her idyllic healing waters and perhaps the odd, sneaky, actual rave.

Love and Ibiza magic