My writing career began in 2001 as Ibiza correspondent for M8 magazine. I wound up working as a commercial model to pay my way through my BA(Hons) in Media & Communications and continued posing, preening and smiling in London, Barcelona and Birmingham until I remembered I had a dream. Magazines! I worked on the Pacha mag from it´s inception and was the self-dubbed raving reporter for 5 sweaty summers; chief writer in the early days and finally Assistant Editor. I´ve written for Essential Ibiza, Mixmag, DJ magazine, The IU MAG by Ushuaia and more recently Ibicasa, the Ibizan and White Ibiza which is frankly rather fabulous.

I produce lifestyle, wellness, transformational and corporate content for websites, blogs, social media and print. I’ve written for coffee table favourites Sergio Ferrero’s art book Strappi 2, Sexycologic by Jordi Gomez (which I also managed to get my pins into) and edited Ryan Lock’s brilliant course, ‘Be Your Own Publicist’.

Over the years I´ve created words for Nail It Ibiza, Heart Ibiza, Calla Bassa Beach Club Ibiza, Roman Fortunato Ibiza Real Estate & Concierge, Ibiza Elite Concierge, MS Ibiza, Chic Ibiza Villas, Paradise Holiday Villas, Easy Ibiza and more.










I also help others fulfil their dreams of becoming a writer. Why? In the 6 years between the Pacha mag and Essential Ibiza I lost my way and became the writer who stopped writing. The liquidation of a promotional model agency I was running, the demise of a difficult relationship and the catcalls of my toxic neighbours led to total plot lossage. In fact I lost everything in 3 months after years of stress and back dated depression I didn’t even know I had.

I knew deep down this clean slate was an amazing opportunity but it took 18 months to embrace it, albeit shakily. I had forgotten I was a writer and a model, and all I could see was failure and the holes in my self-confidence. My adrenals were battered and the anxiety continued long after the darkness lifted. I could see no future and had forgotten my dreams, but a therapist advised me to start writing in a journal and I remembered them.

Writing is ultimately healing. Whether it’s the mindfulness of playing with words to create the perfect sentence, the cathartical flow of getting thoughts out of your head and onto a page, or the creation of empowering feel good thoughts in your journal which I´m passionate about sharing, writing is all powerful. If you want to write and are not writing, my advice is to start!

Living in the cocoon of my parent’s TLC I did yoga in Dad’s zen garden and nursed my digestive system, adrenals and mind back to health. Meditation, transforming negative thoughts and changing my mind set through journaling and creative visualisation has ultimately changed my life. My breakdown became my awakening and I am proof that by using certain techniques and tools you can heal from the hardships and move into a more balanced happy state and create the life of your dreams. Instead of buckling under a horrible nightmare I re-wrote my story.

notebooksI created this website to inspire people who are stuck in the rut that they can change their life. I want to guide people around this magical island so that they can experience the magic for themselves. It’s an honest reflection of my healing journey, the experiences I have here and the challenges we all face.  I am very honest about those struggles and what you read is what you get – Esther Nicklin, more me than ever before!

I am so much happier, more balanced and calm, but in addition my intuition has kicked in and my search for stress relief and wellness ultimately took me  on a journey where I started to experience energies, channel healing frequencies and even go astral travelling. Who knew!? I still experience dark days but at least they come with awareness; wobbles teach me rather than defeat me and my journal gave me that gift.

Check out the Write with us and Writing Workshops sections (for you and your business) to see when my next workshops are and let’s rewrite your story. I like to help others ensure they don´t become the writer who did not write!