Relaxed, beautiful and full of spirit, Andrea’s Kuhlmann’s HueHoa Sharety Fashion Ibiza collection is a little like herself. What’s more it’s ethical, all natural, and helps care for others by donating 10% of profits to charity. Andrea spills the beans on combining her passions of fashion and drumming.drummer at benirras ibiza

How did the fashion brand come about?

“I have a big ethical history and my fashion comes out of an amazing arts project called *propheten*  that I founded with my ex-husband. We do events, paintings and make things happen, like building up destroyed schools after the Tsunami in Thailand. I officially started the fashion line with the most amazing event we did with the Dalai Lama, in Frankfurt am Main together with my monastery.

“I follow fashion; my ex follows the arts, and we still work together for projects and publicity. We are planning right now a huge super cool art event together in Frankfurt am Main for next spring. I changed the name from propheten to HueHoa Ibiza since moving to Ibiza, according to my new needs and lifestyle. I do only summer collections, no winter! I work only with certified producers in India; so my stuff is all Fairtrade and very good quality.”

What is the Sharety concept all about?

propheten ibiza sharety

“One of most important things about propheten and HueHoa is the sharety concept. I give 10% of my income to children’s organizations for a better life and education in Asia and Africa, and also give money to animal organizations in Ibiza as well. We were using the word Sharety years ago, before it became so trendy everywhere. The head on our logo illustrates the ethnic component of Sharety and people love that & the meaning behind it. I think people feel that I have lots of spirit & love in my styles. I also live this spirit and am very authentic with my work and lifestyle.”

What is really important to you as a person and a brand?

“It is very important to me to live an authentic life and I want to express my happy spirit and ethical views in my business. I was working very hard over the years to make this happen, and bring things more and more into line. I am small and exclusive, all hand processed and hand painted, and I distribute only to nice clients who share my spirit and love my styles.”

Where can we buy your collections?

“I sell my fashion very well here in Ibiza at Heaven in Marina Botafoch as we work really wonderfully together, but I also go to Hippie Markets here where I sell lots of Drummer Shirts. I also distribute to the Caribbean Islands and have a wonderful store there.

heaven shot 2015

heaven shot2 2015

Tell us about how you go to this stage in your life.

“I have been in the Fashion Business since I was 19. I was modelling top level for more than 10 years, traveling to many countries and living a ‘Glamorous Life’. As a teenager I was making my own clothes on the old machines of my grandma who was a professional tailor. She taught me a lot about sewing and materials. I studied Marketing & Advertising while modelling, and founded an agency with my ex-husband and started to work behind the cameras. I always wanted to do something with a purpose and use more of my skills, not only beauty.

andrea modelling drumming shirt

“I also studied Sports & Nutrition Planning, Ayurveda, and Buddhism Psychology besides running the agency and my fashion. I wanted to spread my spirit more and learn more about myself first of all, to clean my mind & body, to reflect, to see clearly…not to suffer any more, and collect more wisdom!

“This was the best path ever I took as it led to the person I am today. I’m authentic and clear about what I’m doing, about my needs, about my spirit, about what I have to give to everybody and about what I want to share. This is compassion & love.”

How do you feel about your life in Ibiza today?

“Today I can say; I’m so happy to be able to combine my business with my spirit and let it all flow and grow together, in harmony with the right partners who love to support the label.

“In Ibiza I started to combine my fashion with my drumming. Before I moved to Ibiza in 2011 I came for holidays every year and fell in love with this island 20 years ago. It was always my deepest wish & dream to live here and work out my styles here. They belong here and I belong here – it was always like that. Before I came to Ibiza I was using my Buddhist practise for a calm mind, staying centered and so on, and I will always be a Buddhist by heart. HueHoa is my given Buddhist name.”

drummers in ibiza

Why is drumming so important for you?

“I never drummed before in Germany; I took my first lessons here in Ibiza and I directly felt a super strong connection with my djembe (African drum). Drumming opened up another strong path of spirituality for me.  Drumming connects me deeply with Mother Earth, with the Rhythm of our heart Beats and the flow of the universe! To me my spiritual drumming is another form of a deep letting go meditation!”

andrea drumming2 drumming in ibiza

Who do you drum with?

“I drum a lot with Trace Harris as we work very well together as a Drummer Duo. Trace is more the party drummer and I’m more spiritual so it’s a very good combination. We both have a very positive spirit to share and this works well for the people; we make them happy.

benirras drumming shirts ibiza

“Out of this harmony I created the Drummers Shirt, a special Ibiza present, for Ibiza and Drum Lovers, for spiritual people who love our life style, and for visitors who want to bring the spirit of Benirras home.”

drummer shirts ibiza benirras