Roger, born and raised by the sea in St Ives, Cornwall and Noam, a true water being from Israel, live and almost breathe water. Both of them started their journey into Aquatic Bodywork more than a decade ago in different countries, until 7 years ago when they met by chance in a water meditation and decided to ‘jump of the cliff’ into a new life. Desiring to combine their energy and their love of waterwork, they now live on the beautiful island of Ibiza where they built and run WatsuIbiza together.

With over 20 years of experience between them, Roger and Noam are intuitive aquatic body workers. They use several modalities of water therapy (Watsu, Waterdance, Cranio-Sacral in Water,…) and adapt each session to the individual needs of the receiver.

They say: “Sharing the love of water therapy and seeing the profound effect on those who are in need of releasing physical, emotional and mental tensions or those who just need to meditate and BE, is our greatest joy”.

They are passionate about dancing and music and this passion flows into their water work – They lead workshops in the water of contact dance, evolution of self movement exploration and floating sound visual meditation.

As well as being creators of WatsuIbiza, the first dedicated and non-chlorinated water therapy pool in Ibiza ( the couple are also world-wide advisors on building therapy pools and have been collaborating with the BOOM festival in Portugal since 2010, building and running the therapy pool in the healing area.

FLYING in Liquid Space will float you into BLISS