How the awakening continued, the dream grew, and the magic came together at precisely the right moment.

When I started my conscious Ibiza guide blog I called it Awaken in Ibiza and found the perfect piece of art to illustrate it, painted by Madhalsa Manu. I had toyed with various names including Conscious Ibiza but it didn’t feel right; I was awakening on the magic isle, after all. But Awaken in Ibiza was confusing no matter how many times I spelt it – is it awakening, or awakenin, or awaken? Many of you were landing on the clubbing site so I even stuck a few hyphens in and pondered once again. When my dad came up with Conscious Ibiza, I still rejected it as I was in love with the name and the art.


We are each on our journey of self-discovery or awakening; discovering what we truly want to do and not what we were told, awakening to the power within us if we take time to nurture it, to the lies of government, the gross manipulation of the media, the rape of nature and the relentless commercial globalisation of this planet, reducing the world to consumers. Worse still, consumers at war. We are discovering that there is more to life…

We’re awakening to the fact that we are spiritual beings, awakening to the fact that everything is energy and that it’s possible to escape the low dense frequencies of fear, doubt, anger and resentment for the lighter, higher vibrations of love, joy and compassion. We’re awakening to the fact that abundance can be ours if we erase negative programming and limiting beliefs; awakening to the fact that we can experience happiness and balance if we let go of hurts and bad feeling, if we live more consciously and make better decisions.

As my awakening continued I started to seeing through new eyes. After teetering on the spiritual doorstep with one foot in the old ways and one in the new; I finally made the decision to really go for it and live a more conscious life. I decided to stop hanging out with people who drained me, to stop getting smashed, stop doing jobs just for money and instead; spend even more time expanding my consciousness, writing in my journal, meditating in nature and doing whatever I could to be a better me.

Ibiza has lavished me with even more gifts since – beautiful new friends, amazing jobs and opportunities and my nest in Sant Miquel with expansive sea views. A few months ago my friend Nat Rich – my co-host on Sustainable Sounds radio and partner in consciousness as I like to call her – came up with the name Conscious Ibiza and urged me to switch. I was still a little reluctant because I was so attached to the name, but as with all attachments, I had to let go. And now that I am a more conscious being I guess the time was right.

I never embarked on a mission to tell the world at large about my conscious Ibiza guide blog – deep down I knew it was going to grow first. After spending light years building the original site I had been searching for ‘the One’ for a while. A web developer I mean. Mike Macleod materialised into my reality and instead of a round of no’s I got a chorus of resounding yes’s to all my wishes. Everything has gone super smoothly, as per the affirmations I wrote in my notebook.

My logo was designed by Gaz Armstrong – the best graphic designer I’ve ever worked with and believe me I’ve worked with a few. That’s second to my dad Gaz who gave me his creative genius and graphic designer eye and made me the demanding client I am – one of those with her own ideas and visions!

7 planes of consciousnessGaz not only realises my visions, he throws in his on creativity and together – quite frankly – we rock, whether that be dance floors or logos. He discovered this symbol for the 7 planes of consciousness and I was sold. Water has long represented consciousness – just look at the Tarot’s many examples – and Balearic seascapes and sunsets are iconic. I’ve always been obsessed with stars; my name means one, I’m pretty sure half of my genes come from one, I’ve spent a lifetime doodling them and look! There is one in the middle of the middle of the 7 planes of consciousness!

This 6 pointed 3D star is a merkaba; your light body that extends beyond your aura and is in fact a star tetrahedron comprised of two pyramids that surround you, bringing down source energy into the physical world while connecting you to the earth “as above, so below”. The male pyramid pointing upwards connects us to universal energy and represents yang, positive energy flows, while the downward pointing female pyramid connects to the earth and resonates with yin, negative energy flows. They energise your chakras and spin to create your light body, capable not just of creation but of inter dimensional and interstellar travel. Just what the doctor ordered!

Over the next few months we will be adding more and more useful and inspiring content for those wanting to expand their consciousness and live a more conscious life, plus  new features like the conscious Ibiza events calendar and directory. We will be providing conscious Ibiza news and information for your perusing pleasure, bought to you by me and the team, all doing our bit to spread the word about the amazing people and events in Ibiza and help raise the vibration of the planet. Now that makes me one happy galactic bunny.

I hope you enjoy reading Conscious Ibiza and if you want to share some news or get writing then drop me a line or comment below. Have a read of the Wanna Write section and you’ll see how easy it is to get involved. Whilst relaunching this site I’ve been faced with the challenge of repetitive strain injury after 16 years sitting badly at my desk, so as I embrace new directions and ways to communicate my wish is that more people get on board to share their writing and our vision for a new world. The time is most definitely now.