If you have something to share and want to write for Conscious Ibiza it’s really easy to get involved. Just get in touch to discuss your idea and join our writer’s group if you want a little extra encouragement. I love writing and sharing my techniques and philosophies with those who allow themselves to follow that intuitive nudge and give it a go. If you’re a creative kitten and want to write but have been working in a bank all your life, it’s no wonder you might be fed up.

Many brilliant wannabe writers tell me they don’t have the motivation or discipline to sit down and write, even though they love it, so every week we gather together to do just that. I’m there to guide and assist you personally, with extra inspiration and creativity coming from the group and a topic or theme to discuss every week.

I’m happy for you to publish your words elsewhere as well as Conscious Ibiza, as long as we get first dibs. My aim is simply to inspire you to write, not only because writing is healing in itself and beautifully flowing sentences are a pleasure to read, but we can all do our bit for the enlightenment of the planet by sharing information.

There are so many incredible people, places, events and workshops to experience if you want to heal and expand your consciousness, that we’ll never run out of things to write. From musical gatherings to ancient practices with modern twists, healing modalities and self-help tools, there are a million ways to lead a more balanced and happy life. Your pearls of wisdom, personal experiences and valuable insights are ultimately inspiring for others on their path so please do share. Just comment below or email me and you’ll be tapping on your laptop in no time.

I welcome anyone who experiences something magic and wants to share it as I cannot possibly write about all the amazing events and practitioners with my own fair hand. I am also open to experienced guest writers who want to share their knowledge and passion, whether you’re a solo practitioner, a business owner or wellness organisation.

The idea behind this ever expanding conscious Ibiza guide-blog is to review and promote all the wonderful practises and treatments available on this lush little island, the retreats, conscious dining options, natural highs and more. If it’s even vaguely conscious, we will consider your contribution.

Please contact Esther on esther@consciousibiza.com before you write your piece to discuss your idea or experience.


If you have a conscious event you want to promote, please email admin@awakenibiza.com with all the  details. The nearer your text is to a publishable form, ie well written, spell checked, with all the relevant information, the higher the possibility of it going live faster.

Please remember to send a large JPG and include the what, when, why, where and how in less than 250 words. And how much if appropriate!

As a small operation we rely on you sending your information rather than trawling the web.

Please note that if we have not tried and tested your event or practise we cannot write you a review but we will add it as news if we resonate.