After Donna Sami’s crystal reiki healing at the Once Upon a Time market at Lips in Playa d’en Bossa, I literally floated all the way home. I’m a huge reiki fan and fall more in love with crystals every day, and this crystal reiki healing was something extra special.

The Once Upon A Time market was a gorgeous mix of designer and vintage clothes and crafts set around Lip’s log burning fire. There was incredible jewellery I need to go back for, Moonlocks to add to your hair, and a slick selection of sunglasses. More stalls on the beach included a tarot card reader for those looking for a little guidance, and the Lips’ winter menu left everyone licking theirs. I found Donna on the beach and happily lay down on her couch as the winter sun shone down.

Treatment name:

Crystal Reiki

What’s this treatment all about? 

While a reiki practitioner draws down the reiki energy from above, crystal reiki also harnesses the energy of Mother Earth, embedded deep within her and the crystals she houses. Donna has been attuned to the Lemurian quartz crystals that are said to be seeded all over the planet, programmed with information to assist us in our personal and planetary transformation. As all crystals (and indeed things) are vibrating at different frequencies, so Donna resonates with the Lemurian crystal frequency which allows her to channel the healing frequency. She allows her intuition to guide her hands over your face and body, letting the reiki flow through you, clearing any blocks and rebalancing your chakras.

reiki ibiza

What happens during a session?

I chose to have my treatment on the beach to be as close to nature as possible, so I was mindful of the breeze wafting my hair and the winter sun warming my cheeks. I lay snug under some big thick towels and breathed deeply to relax body and mind.

As usual I was very open to the healing, and every time my mind wandered, which it did frequently, I gently brought my attention back to receiving it. As my thoughts were particularly intrusive at first, I also visualised myself breathing in more healing energy from the sun to calm and focus my mind.

I started to experience soft waves rolling within my body, a gentle undulating roll not dissimilar from the sea, welling quietly before simply starting all over again. I felt into this delicious flowing sensation, only for it to grow stronger. I felt tingles all over my body, and eventually my legs felt so relaxed that I couldn’t move.

I drifted in and out, occasionally finding myself planning my blog post and just about let that go without getting cross with myself. I always want to remain alert enough to remember the sensations, until I allow myself to waft right off. When I did, the undulating waves intensified and radiated right out of my body. I was aware of time passing but had no idea at what rate, until Donna tapped me gently on the shoulder.

I came round slowly and gently, eventually sitting up and enjoying the most delicious stretch with a big smile on my face. When I drove off the tingling waves continued, and when I got home and communicated with special people, I realised it was the vibration of love that I was experiencing. It really was pure bliss.

Who is the therapist?

donna sami massage ibiza

Donna Sami is a trained Reiki Master and Lemurian Crystal Reiki Master. She uses a combination of healing modalities including Reiki, Crystal Healing, Massage, Aromatherapy and Distance Healing, providing healing sessions tailored to a client’s specific needs.

These healing modalities work with the subtle energy body to bring it into balance, remove negative energy, bring in positive healing energy, clear and align the chakras and repair the aura.

Donna also provides spiritual life coaching and healing to assist with the journey of your spirit and soul in this physical dimension. She acts as a facilitator for healing and growth to help all reach their divine potential, as her own journey of healing and spiritual awakening has awakened her natural healing abilities.

Check the Once Upon A Time FB page for news of their next event and like Donna on FB to see where she’ll be working her magic next.