Esther works with healing frequencies and loving energies alongside tarot and Oracle cards to identify and clear stagnant energy and invite in fresh cosmic frequencies, essentially helping you let go of the old and bring in the new.

The cards offer guidance for your conscious mind to grasp, whilst the healing frequencies bring balance and relaxation to your energy system and body.

Esther started receiving frequencies in 2015 after finally committing to a more conscious lifestyle and much time meditating in the jungles and caves of Southeast Asia and Ibiza’s buzzing pine forests. After asking for assistance from loving higher dimensional beings the frequencies started flowing like waves of pure love, and in 2016 it was time to do Reiki One.

As she worked to expand her consciousness, Esther’s sensitivity and understanding of energies grew, while her 17 year career as a writer started to crumble with the onset of RSI.

This year’s trip to S E Asia saw her finally letting go of her addictions to technology as she tuned more into nature and tapped into even higher frequencies.

She has been reading tarot cards since 2008 and during this year’s deeper awakening started combining the two to give your healing session a more tangible feel.

She also offers energy work independently and loves to work in nature, guiding you to ground the healing frequencies of the universe and tap into Nature’s higher vibration.

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