This week we were clutching our sides with laughter as Graham Sahara – DJ, producer, Pacha resident for 15 years, Head of Pioneer Radio and boss of Seamless Recordings was in the studio cracking jokes and telling stories. We had such a giggle we’d like him in every week, but as a Sonica radio man himself, it’s not surprising he is such a legend.

Graham has been gracing these Balearic shores since the 90s, and whilst playing nearly every venue on the island as well as flitting around the world, he is married to the beautiful Joha and has 2 gorgeous children – Mateo and Isabel. We were keen to find out how Graham manages to juggle his music career with family life, and as non-parents ourselves were interested to hear about his parenting tricks while living the dream.

Graham is playing Baboon in Figueretes on Wednesdays before Pacha, Fridays at Boogie in Wonderland at Heart and is at Pacha 3 nights a week – just check his official FB page to find out more and groove to his tunes and unlimited musical styles.

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Here are the events we talked about to enjoy a more sustainable life:


Every Thurs at Pikes throughout September you can connect with like-minded souls, create cosmic stuff and of course dance! Some of the world’s most visionary DJs will play specially crafted sets in an intimate setting, plus intricately planned cosmic and creative activities. You’ll even be able to listen to a talk about conscious water from our very own Nat Rich, owner of Sustainable Flow.

What’s more you can donate on the door to help various charities so make sure to check that out.


cosmic pinepapple ibiza 



This Friday at Lamuella Ibiza join in a beautiful quantum healing journey utilising the power of the cacao spirit heart opening and sacred shamanic dance to enter a unified field of consciousness.

Hosted by the powerful Vicky Guarani-Kaiowá Sinclair, and Sundance – a Dancing Freedom practice

 cacao ceremony ibiza



As part of the Yogabeats with David Sye retreat in September, for one night only you can join in at Samskara Ibiza for a legendary Tequila Yoga Rave with Jo Joule and crew.

Apparently “A shot of Tequila eliminates the linear left brained mind and allows the practitioner to intimately experience the exquisite nature of their deeper physical form, free from the tyranny of thought.” If it means we can pull off the pose pictured above, we’re there!
Mail us on for yours

 david sye joga beats tequila rave

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