Leaving your car with the mechanic is always a bit of a chore; back on the foot express en route to an empty wallet. But it was a real treat for me when I wandered down Cala de Bou’s back bay road to check out the vegan restaurant Honest Bar Ibiza, with hungry parents in tow.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed the place if it weren’t for the array of hand written signs proudly declaring the delights inside. Organic, raw, vegan, smoothies, protein, gluten and lactose free – these were the words that lured me in. Wafting silks and sarongs curtain you off from the main road, with a handful of tiny tables for those wanting a rest rather than a take-out and simple homey vibe.

vegan food cala de bou ibiza

Owner Ella welcomed us with a wonderful smile, sharing her passion for healthy vegan food as she enthusiastically tailor tuned our smoothies with a selection of super food supplements, and proudly showed us the box of bright green organic veg she had just picked up.

organic veggies ibiza

3 enormous gluten and diary free cakes later we were supping on our smoothies, already feeling fabulous and half full. It’s such a blessing that Ibiza has bought into the clean eating concept, allowing me to dive into delicious cakes and snacks that previously would have been off the menu due to my diary and wheat intolerances. We munched on a fruity apple tart, a devilish chocolate and courgette cake and a sublime slice of lemon heaven – the Ibiza lemons Victoria cake. All 100% gluten free, 100% diary free, and 120% delicious.

honest bar breaky with folks honest bar counter ibiza

Ma and Pa had melon shakes and I went for a green detox drink with a choice of almond or cashew nut milk and a dash of spirulina. Or chlorella or flaxseeds or organic veggie protein – the choice is yours. If it had been any other time than breakfast I would have laid into an organic wine but hey, this was no after party.

vegan chocolate cake

Ella’s aim was to provide food that is as alkaline as possible at a reasonable price, in an area that simply didn’t cater for this type of foodie. All her breakfasts are 5.90€, including chia seeds soaked in lactose free milks and various gluten free toasts, mueslis and omelettes. Lunches are 8.40€ including gluten or semi gluten free pastas and pizzas with various vegan toppings and sauces, plus raw food options like courgette lasagne in a rich aromatic cashewnut béchamel with tomatoes and oregano. Plus you can grab tasty snacks for 5.90€ like nachos and guacamole or hummus and bread, or even go for a snack sized main course.

gluten free pizza ibiza Raw vegan food ibiza


vegan cheese ibiza vegan breakfast ibiza cala de bou

My belly is rumbling just thinking about it, and the great thing is that it’s only a few minutes’ drive to a super healthy treat at Honest Bar Ibiza. They also cater for boats, parties and events and change their menu regularly so like their FB page to keep up to date. https://www.facebook.com/pages/HonestBarIbiza/830963710254823?fref=ts

Cala de Bou will never be the same again.


152 Avinguda San Agustin, Cala de Bou. Tel 871 70 95 67