jules goddessa ibizaJules is a profoundly nurturing Spiritual Guide, Oracle and Teacher who helps you to see, feel and hear the divine messages your soul wants to convey to you.
The word Oracle comes from the ancient Latin word Orare, which means to speak and so it is through speaking that she shares the information which channels through her to you.  She uses  ancient tools to support this process,  her favourite being the  Goddess Oracle Cards because they reconnect us to divine feminine wisdom & our intuition, so forgotten in modern life.
Jules was born with this ability however it was during a year weaving and painting with her spiritual teacher,  in Glastonbury, England, that she learnt to trust her gift in her own and in others´lives.
Coming from a high flying branding career, this transformation was initially a shock but she kept listening, trusting and honouring the messages and has never looked back!
Jules will empower you to work with your in-tuition and to overcome fears so that you too can  “real-eyes” your potential and live a guided divine life.
  • Oracle Readings
  • Jewellery Readings
  • Ongoing Soul Coaching (in person or on Skype)
  • Soulvision Board Workshops
  • Soulvision Courses
  • Divine Feminine Talks/ Transmissions

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Experienced – Reconnect to yourself and your vision

Experienced – Jewels in a box

Soulvision workshops