Belinda has over 20 years professional experience in helping people to make positive changes through counselling, coaching, mentoring and healing. After successfully navigating her own mid life changes, she is passionate about working with midlife women and a few good men to help them find their true happiness, fulfilment and joy. You can work with Belinda through one to one sessions in person or via Skype, group retreats or your very own unique private retreat.


Donna is a trained Reiki Master and Lemurian Crystal Reiki Master, combining Reiki, massage, crystal healing, and aromatherapy to create a tailor made treatment. She also provides spiritual life coaching to help you with your soul’s journey in this physical dimension. She brings the subtle energy body back into balance by removing negative energy, bringing in positive healing energy, clearing and aligning the chakras and repairing the aura.



Emmanuelle Passes offers Cranio sacral therapy, massage, reiki, well-being and nutritional coaching and is also a doula. She qualified in therapeutic massage in 1989, remedial massage and pregnancy massage and continued to studying Cranio Sacral Therapy, therapeutic yoga and Reiki. She is a member of the International Association of Cranio Sacral Therapists and the International Guild of professional practitioners. Her bespoke treatments address mental, physical and emotional health.

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Josie awakened to her natural healing abilities when she started feel energy with her hands and tuning into the energy and emotions of those around her. Whilst doing her own healing she soon realised that this was her calling and started her Reiki training in 2014, qualifying as a Reiki Master in April 2016. Healing is her soul purpose and she is on a one way mission to spread awareness of the power of energy healing and assist people. Josie practises healing from Bella Revolution Natural Health Clinic in Portobello Road in London and in London, Newcastle and Ibiza.



Gini Scott trained as an accredited clinical
reflexologist in the UK to level 5, and then came to Ibiza to work and grow alongside like-minded people. She also has another delicious sounding treatment that I’m gagging to try; the natural face lift and rejuvenating massage which incorporates Indian head massage, Acupressure, Japanese face massage & Facial Reflexology.



Joleen Eide-Johansen was born in Scotland, and now lives in Ibiza. She is an artist, a practitioner of EFT, and a self-published author of both fiction and non-fiction books which are available on Amazon in the Kindle store. It is her mission to use her own life experiences to help inspire others to help themselves. She believes that in order to have world peace that we all have to learn to love ourselves, because happy people don’t hurt others, themselves included.


Liz La Force organizes retreats on Ibiza. Her retreats focus on reconnecting with your authentic self and inner strength through healing and meditation. With her clear intuition, she is able to see the layers in between your present self and your true self. Her intuitive healing skills guides others through the process of transforming these layers. Liz was born as an intuitive healer. She went through deep transformational processes herself to develop unconditional love. Reconnected with this love she is now able to share her skills for the benefit of all.Her teachings and healing are based on all that she has learnt and discovered so far. She truly practice what she preaches. Which makes her work powerful and authentic. And has already touched the hearts of many.

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Sabina is a holistic healer, health and wellness expert and transformational life coach, helping people empower themselves to stay happy and healthy and heal naturally through EFT, wellness tips, meditation, walks, counselling, workshops and her event the Ibiza Spirit Festival. Many years’ experience healing her own body, mind and soul as well as asssiting others allows her to address a wide range of physical and emotional challenges in her kind and nurturing manner.

FB: Ibiza Wellness for Body and Soul



Gini Scott trained as an accredited clinical reflexologist and offers Hand & Foot Reflexology, Auricular Reflexology and her Natural Lift Face Massage. She trained in the UK to level 5, and then came to Ibiza to work and grow alongside like-minded people. The natural face lift and rejuvenating massage incorporates Indian head massage, Acupressure, Japanese face massage & Facial Reflexology.



Mathieu has healing for 10 years; first Quantum touch, then Reconnective Healing, now Source Healing, all perfectly organised by the Universe. This healing is taking place in other dimensions ie other levels of consciousness, not in the third dimension.

Source Healing is not a technique like most energy work; it’s more about being present and not being in the way. The frequencies do that job. It has the ability to heal on all levels – mind, body and spirit. Source Healing works with a lot of different frequencies. What comes through is what is needed at the time, and each session is totally different.  It works in person and at a distance, for humans and animals.



Trish Whelan offers Reiki healing, shamanic healing, shamanic counselling and runs retreats and workshops in Ibiza, UK, Ireland, the US and Goa. Trish began her own healing journey when she received reiki as the antidote to a hectic music industry career, and went on to discover the transformational power of Kundalini yoga to connect to ourselves and the world we live in, moving quickly through blocks to step into true destiny. The seamless blend of yoga, healing, sound and music that she now shares at her “Vibrate at Your Highest Frequency” retreats and during personal healings is a deep healing cocktail for personal happiness.



Shardai trained with the International Association of Kambo Practitioners and assisted the founder Karen Kanya-Darke with many ceremonies in Europe as well as teacher training. Shardai has learnt to mix the tribal traditions and Indigenous methods with her knowledge of meridians, chakras and auricular forms of Kambo therapy. She has carried out hundreds of ceremonies in Europe and India, and regularly holds ceremonies in London, Ibiza and Berlin. Shardai is a healer and practitioner, combining her intuition, guidance, knowledge and experience to assist you on your own healing journey.