I am just embarking on my third reading of ‘Taking the Leap’ by Pema Chodron. Me and my bestie were saying we wanted a good book and a used bookstore appeared somewhat synchronistically around the corner.

It’s all about breaking the knee-jerk reactions and habits that see us spiralling into negativity, losing the plot or falling back into fear.

It is teaching me how to be present, how to pause and allow myself to experience the uncomfortable emotions we would usually run away from or distract ourselves from with a drink or a fag.

When I get curious about these unpleasant feelings and actually feel into them I am finding that they genuinely pass. And even if I do lose my cool in a difficult moment the book has taught me to rejoice in the fact that I’ve noticed rather than getting angry with myself for relapsing.

It’s an absolute gem and I’m getting more and more into it with each read.