1. Victoria’s treatments are entirely bespoke, so after a brief skin consultation by her expert hands you get exactly what your skin needs. In my case it was a gentle but deep scrub and rehydration using specially selected products from her range.
  2. The Love Beauty Ibiza products use only natural ingredients so there are no harsh chemicals to dry your skin, they smell delicious and are most definitely NOT tested on animals. They include delicious cleansers, toners, moisturising creams & serums, essential oils for the bath and hydrating body moisturisers.
  3. The ingredients are sourced in Ibiza and blended by a local lady who works alongside Victoria to mix the perfect product, so you’re keeping it in the Ibiza family on every possible level and benefiting from the island’s many natural ingredients.
  4. Victoria starts by talking you into deep relaxation with a lovely breathing meditation. Even if you’re used to meditating it can be hard to quieten the monkey mind, and if you lie there thinking about your to do list you’re missing a trick and then some. Victoria helps you relax so you can drift off into a theta state where your body goes into healing mode.
  5. She has been a therapist for 17 years and has been trained to the highest standards. She did a HND in Beauty Therapy Management then worked for Clarins for 5 years as part of the events and account development team. She moved to Estee Lauder then managed a spa, ran her own salon and became a trainer for Fake Bake before moving to Ibiza and setting up Love Beauty Ibiza. She has spent years gaining a vast knowledge to perfect the most incredible treatments and you simply KNOW you are in safe hands.
  6. Her summer evenings are spent doing treatments at the Body Camp, one of Ibiza’s top retreats – already proving a hit with celebs despite being a new kid on the block last year. If Victoria’s good enough for them; she’s definitely good enough for us!
    Victoria is master of the massage. Her facial massage is wonderfully relaxing as well as cleansing, and the treatment incorporates a sneaky back neck and shoulder massage as well as a heavenly head massage. Her holistic approach leaves skin baby soft, deeply cleansed and you feel absolutely fabulous.
  7. She puts all her love into every treatment and you can literally feel it.  She actually slips into a meditative state herself while administering your treatment and her special loving energy makes for a beautiful experience.
  8. You can choose your own happy ending with essential oils to calm, revive or balance you. Depending on how you want to feel when you step back into the real world, you can choose an oil to spring into action or one to slip home for a welcome siesta.
  9. You can buy the products to continue the Love Beauty vibes back at home for very reasonable prices. My personal fave is the moisturising cream as I struggled to find one I loved for years.

Editor’s fave

The Love Beauty Moisturising cream is a lush combination of aloe vera, avocado, rosewater, wheat germ, sesame oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, Vit E, grapefruit extract and palmarosa essential oil. It is deeply hydrating and nourishing and rejuvenates and moisturises skin of all types, even mine!

It helps to protect, repair, damage and soothe, whilst also healing sunburn and irritation. It is anti-ageing, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, supports collagen production and evens the skin tone too. It is anti-oxidant and fights free radicals that make us age, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral. It is a natural sunscreen and helps the skin to lock in moisture. What more could you ask for? 60ml costs only 20 Euros so you simply can’t argue with that.