To say I feel cleansed, liberated, moved, touched, energised and above all loved and loving after the cacao healing and dance ceremony is a series of understatements. I went with no expectations and left with everything. And as situations that I had visualised during the ceremony fell into place over the next few days, I have to take my hat off to the cacao spirit’s heart opening and manifesting powers.

What’s the ceremony all about?

Cacao has long been used by indigenous tribes and is a heart opening plant medicine, recently adopted by westerners looking to let go of blockages that are holding us back, even making an appearance in the club scene for its heart-warming buzz. Cacao actually sends signals to the brain to help us enter the theta state, and the ceremony combines the power of the cacao spirit and sacred shamanic dance to enter a unified field of consciousness. Here we can utilize our multidimensional state to practice quantum jumping – envisaging another version of you enjoying a desired outcome – then you dance, shake and stamp out those blockages. Cacao alone has been shown to lead to life changing shifts and beautiful manifestations.

cacao ceremony img_6136

Why do it?

Like all plant medicines cacao is a tool to let go. Any of us on a journey to expand our consciousness are looking to heal the past, and while we may do a lot of work to let go of doubts, limiting beliefs, attachments and pain, sometimes a little bit of residue remains, prevents us from moving forward.

Who leads the ceremony?

Vicky Guarani-Kaiowá Sinclair held space and led the ceremony after many years training in shamanism, theta healing, plant medicine, and listening to the whispers of spirit and the elders as she traverses the globe – you can read all about her here. Kundalini yoga was led by Ruth Goulding and Aurore of Freedom Sundance took us on a blissful journey of movement.

Vicky Guarani-Kaiowá Sinclair

My experience

I knew I was meant to attend as I’d ear-marked the occasion for a mention on Sustainable Sounds radio show, only to be emailed by the wonderful writer Jane Charilaou, who introduced me to Vicky. It really moved me hearing everybody’s intentions at the start of the session; this group had gathered to learn and to heal, live from the heart and be the best they could be. Everyone’s intention resonated – from releasing fears to healing a relationship and releasing self-judgement. Vicky opened the sacred space and invited in all our ancestors, angelic beings ascended masters, spirits and guides, star beings and totems to assist us, before finally inviting in the cacao spirit.

As we moved through different kundalini exercises and breathing techniques I felt the energy moving and flowing as it tingled up my body. When the time came to drink the recommended 42g of cacao, a quiet excitement hung in the room. Any more than that 49g and diarrhoea becomes a possibility, and that’s not the kind of release we were after! We took slow sips of the thick, rich concoction, letting each chocolatey mouthful glide slowly down, sitting in quiet anticipation, all eyes on Vicky.

During the mediation we lay back and brought our positive intentions and resolved situations to mind. Unexpected tears oozed out my eyes; a first just a few trickles until a gentle river flowed to the happy images I imagined. I let them until there were no more. I kept drifting into powerful visions of myself and higher self as a being of light – radiating, shining, glowing and above all loving. I experienced a warm glow deep within my heart centre that seemed to radiate pure peace and love.

cacao ceremony ibiza

Vicky called out some of our intentions so that we could all visualise  letting go of them, using the power of our collective consciousness to help each other and the planet. We also imagined a vision of Ibiza as a shining example of sustainability to the rest of the world; people coming together to clean the beaches, the government spending money to solve the water situation and sustainable tourism firmly in place. Vicky shared that many of the elders she speaks with had the same vision, and has no doubt that 2017 is a big year for Ibiza in terms of healing. The vision was powerful, and I felt confident that these things will manifest, especially with the help of the cacao spirit.

The elemental dance was incredible. Aurore had selected brilliant tracks to represent each element that resonated deep in my core. I felt free and supported and able to let go of any inhibitions as I felt into each element and let go on the dance floor. I didn’t even feel like I had inhibitions! I connected with the earth, felt grounded and danced out any blockages. The water was sweet and refreshing; I was the water whilst at the same time the water cleansed me. I felt fire deep within me like a glowing ember, and as my foot work got more tribal I stamped out those blockages. The air supported me and allowed me to waft around freely, and the ether came right through me. I found myself dancing on the floor, against the wall, and no doubt would have been dancing on the ceiling if I could have! We had our eyes shut most of the time, but as the atmosphere heightened I often glanced around the room exchanging smiles and glances, whilst some were simply smiling in their own little worlds. The bottom right photo made me giggle – that’s me in the corner – letting it all go!

Sundance Ibiza

After sharing our experiences and closing the ceremony we left elated, bonded, grateful and blessed to have been part of this group wanting to open our hearts. I look forward to hearing how everyone got on with their processes of letting go, as I have certainly felt a change in my relationships; more compassion and love and a certain lightness and fun – in fact the very things I envisaged.

Vicky is back in Ibiza and doing ceremonies and healing from Tues 14th including a different medicine ceremony on Tues 13th, and then a dream time journey on 15th and 16th. The latter will involve deeper reseting and quantum and shamanic healing in a beautiful villa; deep healing of self, ancestors, eco system and awakening our more multidimensional aspects. Contact Vicky on for more info.

Namaste xxx