BY ELIZEBETH PERSY, Universal White Time Healer

Music and sound is the Universal Language. All that exists is vibration and created out of sound and resonance. Everything has its own frequency, including our words, thoughts and feelings.

Higher and more positive vibrations are recognized as love, joy, gratefulness and happiness. Lower and more negative vibrations are feelings of fear, guilt, blame and shame.

The Universe is always responding to the frequency we are vibrating. When we are in a positive vibration, we attract positive circumstances and people, and reverse. So, everything that we see in our lives is created by all our thoughts, beliefs, ideologies and judgements. This is also known as the Law of Attraction or “Like attracts like”.


How can I higher my vibration in order to create the life I love?

Our life is a reflection of ourselves, so to live the life of our dreams, we need to start to look in the mirror and change our beliefs, our thoughts, our perception and the way we treat ourselves.

The Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has proven that our thoughts and words have a strong effect on water. Positive thoughts of love, gratitude and compassion create beautiful and symmetrical water crystals, while negative thoughts of criticism, not being enough, or anger create chaos and darkness.

Our body, just like our planet, is more than 70% water. Can you imagine how every unkind, unloving thought that we create towards ourselves, creates dissonance in our body?

By shifting our unloving thoughts to loving ones and expressing loving kindness towards ourselves in every single moment in all situations – we heighten our vibration and create harmony and beauty in our life. So we can start to live the life of our dreams!

raise your vibration

But there is something we must understand about positive thinking or the Law of Attraction

When we are focused on thinking positive all the time, we are afraid of any “negative” thought or emotion – we push them away and avoid this natural states of our human being, and so we are rejecting ourselves… Like this we attract even more fear, the opposite of what we actually wanted to manifest.

The key is to relax and accept everything that happens, whether we like it or not, and to embrace ALL thoughts and emotions to flow through us and to accept them with LOVE.

How can we do this? Think about how we react when a feeling or thought comes up which we would rather not have. We try to fight it, right? Instead we can ask ourselves: “Why do I feel the way I feel?” or “Why is this happening to me again?”

We can be grateful for this feeling to come to the surface, because it is another opportunity to let go, to heal and to step into the unique person we truly are. Everything that happens is coming from our Higher self and is only occurring to help us grow, transform and to awaken us to our highest potential.

Now we know this, we can choose love, compassion and kindness instead of fighting. We can go within, bring our attention to our heart and ask: “How can I help? How can I support my mind and heart trough this healing process?”

self love

Just like a flower…

Imagine that you are a flower, and your desire is to bloom. Your intention to bloom is already showing your beauty to the world. So now you walk to that flower and ask it to bloom faster! The flower wouldn’t know how. We can’t force it to grow, the same like we can’t force ourselves to grow.

When we are trying to be a new being, but still operating from the old way of being by criticizing and judging, this old way of being will not get us to the new way of being – it simply doesn’t work that way!

As Albert Einstein stated:We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Instead, accept and trust in natural flow of life, show loving kindness towards yourself at all moments, in all situations, and your magic will unfold naturally. Just like a flower.

Start loving every part of yourself – because you are already magical just as you are.

Love is the answer to everything

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and is known as the Universal Healer. Only pure unconditional love can fully and truly heal us and our planet.

In order to share your Divine love and kindness with others, we must first love ourselves. At the moment you start loving yourself, your life becomes limitless. Love makes you feel free and ready to express your unique self and your Divine gifts with the world. And, sharing your gifts and allowing yourself to shine is the greatest offering you can give to others and you will be generously rewarded in return!

~ You are a Light of Love, let it Shine ~

raising your frequency

Listen and play music in 432 HZ ~ the frequency of Love:

If everything is created out of sound, why not use it to heal and raise our vibration towards love? Start to play music tuned in 432Hz to heal our body and environment. 432Hz is a natural frequency of love, harmony and unity – it resonates with the frequency of the heartbeat of the planet which is 8Hz. Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages, and expands consciousness. 432Hz music allows us to tune into the knowledge of the universe around us in a more intuitive way. For more information:

Switch over to a High Vibrational Diet:

We are what we eat. The higher vibrational food we choose, the higher our vibration will become. A high vibrational diet consists of foods that are ALIVE and that positively benefit us, as well as the planet as a whole. It basically means picking food with a higher density such as plants, vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains, in combination with lots of clean and energized water. There is not one diet for all as everyone is unique. Detox and cleanse your body first, and after you can hear and listen to the messages of your body’s needs. Be grateful and send love to your food, this alone makes a big difference!

 And at last but not least, an inspiring message from the Blue Avians channeled by Elizebeth, about raising our vibration and the vibration of Mother Earth at this time of transition to the next dimension.

Every day focus on becoming more “service to others” oriented. Focus on being more “loving” and “focus on raising your vibrational and consciousness level” and learn to “forgive yourself and others” thus “releasing karma”. This will change the vibration of the planet, the “shared consciousness of humanity” and “change humanity one person at a time”, even if that “one person” is you. They say to treat your body as a temple and change over to a “higher vibrational diet” to aid in the other changes.


More information about the Blue Avians:

Elizebeth Denise Persy is a certified Universal White Time Healer, Self-Love Coach & Fairyologist, based on the magical island of Ibiza.

Elizebeth Persey

Universal White Time Healing is an ancient healing art and a very powerful gift of unconditional love. White Time is white light, which is the same as all colors of Light in one. And all Time in one means: past, present and future in one and the same unit of energy. The Divine frequency makes it possible to work with healing that is finding the source of the problem through time and space.

I am very connected to the angel realm and elementals (which are the nature angels), and bring them into my healing work for extra love, support and healing. I offer Fairy Workshops and Magical Fairy Walks, where I teach about Fairies and how to see and connect with them, as well as to open your heart to magic and love, for yourself and Mother Earth.

The unique healing powers and knowledge have changed my life in many positive ways. By starting to love myself and to see through the eyes of unconditional love, I have raised my vibration and feel every day more surrounded by love, peace and trust. My soul’s purpose is to share this love frequency with you to inspire you to heal and love yourself, to find your own Divine light and to finally share it with all of us! 

Sharing your love light is the most beautiful gift you can ever give to yourself AND others! 

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