The aftermath of week 2 has seen me wafting around the house releasing tension as often as I can! Sometimes dropping the knee and shoulder shake to really work a spot or simply getting down to my badass ancient Egyptian style mix. Irina’s walking meditation and conscious breathing showed us just how much tension we unconsciously store, and feeling the release was just delicious. I was actually shocked at how much I let go, as my desk ergonomics have not been right for a while!

open spaceWe started the session by grabbing paper and pen to answer some questions posed by Jules. If we didn’t immediately know the answer she advised us to sit with ourselves, go within and wait . Her questions were designed to get us thinking about our patterns, our conclusions about ourselves, our planning and decision making and how well we were looking after ourselves as we moved from summer through winter last year. I could have written pages and pages as the answers were enlightening to say the least, so I’m exploring the themes more in my own notebook which is no surprise!

After tea from possibly the best stocked tea selection in Ibiza, we went outside to catch the breeze and share our discoveries; it felt great expressing yourself honestly and hearing from others. We returned feeling enlightened and ready to reconnect with the wonderful space within us that Irina had led us to the previous week.guidance from jules alice gibbons

This week’s movement was based on contraction and expansion and starting to see how we do this in everyday life; perhaps not giving ourselves enough space and being too contracted to receive moments of release and guidance – the game changer. I am now much more aware of the tension that accumulates subconsciously and am finding ways to release it as I go through my day. From walking and shaking to simply allowing ourselves to do what our bodies desired, the result was a group of blissed out faces feeling well and truly reconnected.

If you feel the call to join week 3, as each session is complete in itself and well worth attending. You can read about week 1 here, and on Saturday 24th it’s time to prepare for what’s ahead. Join us from 4-7pm at a new venue near Can Currune.

Email Jules at goddessa.ibiza@gmail.com or Irina at info@irinasbaglia.com to find out where.

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