I’m truly grateful to have attended the first session of a 4 week course last Saturday with Jules Alice Gibbons of Goddessa Ibiza and Irina Sbaglia. I left feeling totally blissed out after a week of tension that had been held in my back and neck; expanded and serene like a being of light! Each week’s workshop is complete in itself so you can still drop in if you haven’t attended from the start. If you’re guided to attend week 3, then take the advice from your higher self and go! Roll on part 2 this Saturday (and read about week 2 here).

What’s it all about?

This 4 week course does what it says on the box. And what a beautifully hand crafted box of delights it is; a transformative journey that sees us reconnecting to our souls, our essence and our vision. By gifting ourselves this time to nurture and nourish our inner world and connect to ourselves, through movement and sharing we establish that connection and release all tension. From this space we can then allow our true vision to rise to the surface like a forest nymph floating to the surface of a rock pool.

It may have disappeared under another dream or distraction, or perhaps we got caught up with summer; perhaps we don’t even know yet what our destiny is. This course is about reflecting on summer as we move toward winter, learning the lessons to help us move forward, preparing for winter and sowing seeds for next year.

Our hosts

I’ve been learning from Jules’s wisdom and insights for the last 3 years, and both she and Irina are concerned with connecting you to your divine blueprint, the essence of who you are and what you’re meant to do. In her previous life Jules was a business consultant at her company Pure Media while Irina was an MTV producer. Jules is an intuitive oracle reader and Irina reads auras and works with dance and movement to reconnect and find that wonderful place within us. Together they create a sacred environment to share and grow in the beautiful setting of Open Space in Santa Gertrudis. The way Irina guided us into the dance and Jules encouraged us to express ourselves and share our feelings – in a pure and raw fashion – was so liberating and healing.

What I experienced

First we sat in a guided meditation. My back was aching so much it was painful, but I followed Irina’s instructions, making space in my body as I breathed in, and letting tension flow down and out as I exhaled. Eventually I felt a click and a release. And what a release! We then allowed ourselves to do whatever our bodies wanted to do to feel better – namely stretching and rolling and literally following our own flow. It was blissful. Finally we moved into a delicious dance before sharing our experiences of the session and our feelings about summer.

A few years ago I would never have imagined myself sharing such intimacies with a group, yet recently it has moved me so much and felt so good. It’s was all about sharing and caring as we expressed our feelings having let all the tension go through movement. Jules intuitively asked the right questions to get us expressing our feelings, releasing negativity and then aligning with our true essence. She explained; “Speaking about that in the now, aligning that with your voice, your energy and your feeling in your body, in your real vibration, allows you to draw in everything that you need, all the time.”

This week

This week we ask, “How did I get here?” How did I create this year with my thoughts, ideas, wants, dreams and goals last year? Jules and Irina start to look deeply into how we create our reality and how to loosen that grip and let life bring a more nourishing version. It’s time to receive, to feel, to deeply reconnect to your inner body and inner guidance and come out of the busy thinking mind.

Join us on Saturday 17th from 4-7pm at Open Space near Santa Gertrudis

Email Jules at goddessa.ibiza@gmail.com or Irina at info@irinasbaglia.com

And read more info about the hosts here: