1. The Right Vibes Blog is where I collect my most personal thoughts and experiences. It’s a space for lessons learned and struggles shared, as we deal with life’s challenges best we can.
  2. It is often drawn from the contents of my journals, where I process my emotions, my own energetic vibration and set about raising it, re-worked into something to read and raise yours.  notebooks
  3. The desire to be happy, feel positive and keep the vibes high is universal. Our common ground with all human beings is the issues we face, how we choose to deal with things, and the emotions we experience.
  4. Trusting, going with the flow, and maintaining positive vibes is tricky when things get dark, especially in Ibiza with more highs and lows than you can waft your sage stick at.
  5. It’s about fostering & maintaining that buzzed up ‘high on life” feeling, the one you forget you’ve ever had when life turns sour, but one that you CAN create. You can immerse yourself in Ibiza’s sunsets and natural beauty as well as tap into the wealth of workshops and practitioners and develop your own practises. If you don’t live here you can still tap in and raise your own vibration. raising your vibration
  6. That natural buzzed up, high on life feeling is nice, isn’t it? The endorphins are going (no – you haven’t dropped a pill),you’re smiling and everything is falling almost magically into place. You feel on top of the world, stepping out in metaphorical new shoes with a confident swagger, soaking up the moment.
  7. You wish you had more of these moments. Then you feel a bit sad and wonder why you don’t. Someone calls and you exchange angry words. Talk about ruining the buzz, when really you wanted to drag that feeling out as long as possible.
  8. Doing away with fear, doubt, anger and more isn’t always easy, especially after years of negative thinking and programming, listening to our limiting beliefs and society’s doctrines.
  9. I know because I’ve been there, so I’m sharing my feelings, my experiences, my moments of triumph or clarity and those ah ha moments.ah ha moment
  10. The Right Vibes blog is about the experiences, events or workshops I attend that give me a special take away – some deeper inner knowledge, ancient wisdom, a greater level of awareness and a noticeably higher vibration.