Workshops and courses

I gives me great pleasure to nurture your inner writer and offer a range of workshops to do just that, for yourself, your business, to help with your transformation and just for pure pleasure. Check out my next workshops using the links below and email me to find out more about these interactive sessions.

Jan 31 How to write a brilliant blog FB event page

Jan 26th Preparing for the next chapter journaling session

We meet every Thursday evening so that I can share tips about gratitude, letting go and transforming negative thoughts feelings and emotions, creating powerful feel good affirmations and thoughts and a myriad of things that you can do in your journal.

Brilliant blogging

With a myriad of wannabe writers and bloggers out there, whilst some words on the web are awesome, others can be pretty lame. This workshop gives you the essential tools to create a brilliant blog to keep your readers hanging onto your very last word. The ideas and techniques that I share are essentials for any writer´s toolkit and can be applied to all forms of writing. However I will keep bringing the focus back to the specific joys of blogging, but have no doubt that you will soon be rolling out choice words across all your written communications. I tailor this workshop for personal or business needs.

  • Playing with words
  • SEO
  • Finding the angle
  • Planning your flow
  • Editing & fine tuning
  • Headlines to hone in on
  • Using your intuition
  • How long is too long?
  • Publishing essentials


Professional copy writing for the web

With today´s web-based world you may well find you have a lot to write to market yourself and your business.

Your home page, about us section, any news stories, listings and blogs all have a unique flavour and format. Learn how to write professional copy that reflects your true essence and values and make sure your website is saying what you want it to:

  • Conveying the right messages
  • Professionally and concisely written
  • In an appropriate tone and style
  • Free from embarrassing typos and bad grammar
  • With regular news stories and blogs


Creating the perfect press release

Contacting the media can be scary, but we don´t bite, I promise! We are generally on a deadline and don’t have time to trawl the web or track you down. Your information has to be presented in a certain way or a busy journalist won´t even sniff at your press release.

I work in this world on both sides of the desk and can help you devise and write an attention grabbing story that puts your business in the spotlight. Publicity depends on space, time and what other exciting news is going on out there. Learn how to make running your story an easy yes for the editor.


Journaling your dreams to life

Learn how to harness the power of words on your journey of healing and transformation, creating an insightful guide to self that charts your progress and sees you stepping closer to being the ideal you in your ideal world.

  • Dive deep into gratitude, even in the trickiest of situations
  • Create beautiful empowering affirmations that truly resonate
  • Transform and let go of limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings
  • Enjoy a multi- sensory creative visualisation process
  • Discover your dreams and power up your goals

As a writer and editor I have made a career of building beautiful sentences that roll of the tongue, creating vivid images in your mind’s eye. The thoughts that fly around our heads and the words we speak ultimately shape our reality, so why not start directing them in your journal, raise your vibration and create magic in your life. Nearly everything that I write about in my journal comes true; I’ve used it to save myself from negative thoughts and make amazing things happen.

Your personal journaling practise develops as you do, strengthening your connection with your higher self and coming to various realisations about the way you allow your life to unfold. See your progress unfolding on the pages as you effectively write a guide to self and start becoming the ideal you in your ideal world.

In these 3 workshops I share my tips to create a strong foundation practise to set you off on your own journaling journey. Everyone wants to learn how to turn around negative thoughts, but first you must become accustomed to thinking about yourself in new, empowering and positive ways and change a lifetime of conditioning.


  • Tuning into your inner guide
  • Increased self-awareness and understanding
  • Experiencing more of the flow of life rather than battling against it
  • More creativity and inspiration
  • Rediscovering your dreams and aligning with them
  • Discovering your purpose and aligning to it
  • A raised energetic vibration and the feel good factor
  • Relating to yourself and those around you better
  • Dealing with challenges better
  • Personal growth and empowerment
  • A chance to nip depression in the bud before it takes hold